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ERMIS Company is a personal business which exists in the market since 2011. The company's owner and founder works in the field of aluminum constructions since 1998. In his current business, he controls his collaborators to make sure that in every work the result would be of high quality and according to the customer's needs.

ERMIS collaborates steadily with 6 expert technicians, 2 of them specialized in aluminum constructions, 2 of them in iron constructions and 2 of them in house painting. Each one of them has at least 20 years of experience in his field.

The company's home sits near the center of Athens in Abelokipi, on "Trikalon" street.



"ERMIS Aluminium" Construction Company
Its main object is to make installations or repairs of aluminium made stuff such as frames, doors, windows, roller shades etc.

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Trikalon 8,
Athens (Abelokipi) 11526
210 6666661
6940363076, 6988241702